Ticket sale

1. Price

One ticket for "Nachtdigital Flex" costs 130 EUR plus 5 EUR waste deposit and 6 EUR ticketing fee.
We have to increase the price as we are faced with higher spendings for our personnel and infrastructure. Further, we need to compensate for the general increase in the price level in the festival business as well as even higher financial claims by German music rights organization GEMA. We hope for your understanding and that you will be able to scrape some of your savings together to make your way to our beloved Bungalowdorf Olganitz next summer. We are looking forward so much already to spend time with you there.


2. Ticketing System

Tickets are available at the ticket shop of our ticketing partner TixforGigs. Each ticket in your shopping cart is reserved for 30 minutes. You can pay in advance, with immediate bank transfer (Sofort for Germany, EPS for Austria or iDeal for the Netherlands), with PayPal or credit card (VISA, Mastercard). To order tickets you need a TfG account. If you are still missing one we recommend registering now to save some time when the ticket sale starts.


3. Ticket Resale

If you bought a ticket for Nachti you will be able to resell this ticket in case you can't come anymore. Just log in to your account, select your ticket for resale and set a price. TixforGigs will take care of all the rest for a small fee. If you missed getting a ticket on December 1st it is recommended to have a look at the TfG ticket shop every once in a while to see if some tickets are available again. This is the safest way for everyone to resell and buy tickets for Nachti and avoid crazy prices on any other platform. Please remember whenever you buy a ticket you accept our Terms & Conditions. We won't get tired of pursuing everyone who sells overpriced Nachti tickets just to make money. We kindly ask you to respect our policies and spare the trouble for all of us. Thanks a lot.