Escape to Olganitz


During a storm, hail, heavy rain or thunderstorm, the safest place for you to be is in a car. The hall (because of overcrowding), tents/canopies or decorative structures are not an alternative.

In the event of a thunderstorm, these are the most important rules of conduct:

  • – You have to be extremely careful once there's less than 10 seconds between lightning and thunder. That means that the lightning is only 3 kilometers away.

  • – If possible, look for a car. During a thunderstorm, a car is the best place to seek refuge because of its metal exterior. But if you're forced to wait out a thunderstorm in a tent, then make sure you sit on something insulated (e.g., a dry air mattress, a dry rubber mat, or something like that). Stay as far away as possible from metal tent rods and don't touch the walls of the tent or the tent rods. Campers or RVs with a metal exterior also provide good protection against lightning.

  • – Please avoid: Trees, hills, moist walls and also moist ground. Don't touch anything made of metal and get rid of umbrellas.

  • – If at the last minute, you can't find shelter anywhere: Then crouch down and keep your feet together. It's best to look for a ditch or small depression in the ground. Keep a distance from other people.

  • – Get off bikes and motorcycles. Keep a distance of at least three meters from two-wheel vehicles.

  • – Get out of the water.