Escape to Olganitz


In accordance with local fire protection BBQing is prohibited due to the increased risk of forest fires. Please respect this. You don't have to worry: We have good food services at our catering booth which will be open from Friday 8:00 pm until Sunday 8:00 pm, including vegetarian and vegan meals.

Of course, you can bring your own drinks to the camping site. However, as a small festival, we have to rely on earnings from selling food and drinks – please respect this and don't bring your drinks to the dancefloors.

There will be three possibilities to get free water from our water taps
1) next to the main bar
2) close to Dixiland next to the outdoor showers
3) at the entrance
You are allowed to bring empty(!) plastic bottles to the dancefloors to refill them with water. It is not allowed to fill your own bottles and bring them to the dancefloor - experience taught us to be very strict on this issue.

Please note: The Island of Fortune also offers breakfast. Don't hesitate to ask.