»Zum Bungalowdorf 1«
– A Nachtdigital book
by Christian Rothe

[Available now!]

Yes, that’s right - better believe your eyes. In collaboration with Christian Rothe, who has accompanied us as a photographer at Nachti for many years, we have compiled a selection of his countless Nachti photos into a book. 

The photos capture in an artistic and sometimes funny way what we have been about all these years: enthusiasm, friendship and love for music. With this book, Christian catapults us directly back to Olganitz, in the middle of nowhere.

Christian has captured not only the hustle and bustle behind the scenes, but also the shared joyful and emotional moments in front of the stages.

It is a lot of fun to flip back and forth between the photos and reminisce about our sorely missed Nachtdigital. It’s balm for the soul and makes you think back to fulfilling summer days. However, we don’t get involved in glorified romanticisation, but celebrate with the photo book what makes us happy: the attitude to life of an entire generation that has found its common denominator through love of electronic music. Nothing more, but above all nothing less.

”I’ve always felt that I had two families. my first family are my parents and siblings—they shaped my life till the age of 18, when I moved out and started my own life. My second family is nachtdigital—another 18 years, with a different family, equally important for my personal development. while my parents taught me how to be a good person, nachti taught me how to work with others. my family gave me the tools to dream. nachti taught me how to make dreams reality.” – Steffen Bennemann (booker Nachtdigital)

”My impression was always that Nachtdigital was that one weekend a year for the visitors and the crew. A place of longing whose memories carried them through the whole year and made them return. Friendship, ecstasy, freedom, love of music... The opportunity to capture such an attitude to life in such a compressed form as a photographer was and is simply very special and unusual in equal measure. What's more, I was able to photograph it exactly as I wanted - I had absolute »artistic« freedom. Over the last few years of documenting the festival, I have accumulated a pool of more than 5,000 negatives, which we have now reviewed and selected from. It is not possible to use so much image material in the usual way, so I am overjoyed and at the same time grateful that we are realising this book project together and above all so uncompromisingly, so that many of the photos will still find their way into the public domain.” – Christian Rothe

”The worst was the Nachti after blues. A depressive short episode of 2 weeks hit the air every time like »Hau den Lukas«. In one fell swoop all friends were gone again, no beaming faces of guests, no stress, work for the next half year at your feet and no strength left to pick up just one feather.” – Karolin Knoll (production manager at Nachtdigital)

In the book you will also find selected text contributions (bilingual in German and English) and various stories with very personal Nachtdigital moments.

But that's not all: for those who want to hold something very special in their hands, we offer a high-quality and limited Collector's Box. Each Collector's Box also includes a high quality 20 x 30 cm photo print limited to one print, making each box unique.

In this box you will find the photo book with a special cover (surprise!). In addition to the photo book, you will receive a vinyl with music specially produced for this occasion by our long-time friends and members of the Nachti family: DJ Playlist, Map.ache, Olivia and Robag Wruhme. Each artist has chosen a picture from a selection of 600 photos and produced a track based on it. So you can look forward to four very personal musical résumés of Nachtdigital. In any case, we are overjoyed that we were able to win over these four artists. The record will be released exclusively in the Collector's Box and will not be available individually.  The boxes are numbered and will not be reproduced.

Long story short, there are now two options to choose from:

1 - The single photo book - the solid must-have.

You will receive the photo book in high quality with numerous colour and b/w illustrations on 268 pages in 24 x 32.5 cm format.

2 - The limited Collector's Box - that little bit extra 

You will receive these numbered individual items in the following package:

  • The photo book »Zum Bungalowdorf 1« on 268 pages in the format 24 x 32,5cm 
  • exclusive vinyl in gatefold cover with music by DJ Playlist, Map.ache, Olivia and Robag Wruhme
  • a high-quality photo print in 20x30 cm - limited to one print (each box is therefore unique)
  • special book cover
  • refined packaging as a special edition

The edition is very limited which means that you should pre-order your copy NOW rather than later. 

Lovely greetings,
Your Nachti crew