Escape to Olganitz


Please respect...

... we don't tolerate any kind of discrimination. Stick-in-the-muds and Nazis have no right of access. This also includes people wearing Thor Steinar & Co. Further, who behaves like a chauvinistic idiot gets kicked out. Who witnesses any kind of violence in this respect: Don't turn away! Please approach our trustworthy security staff if you or someone else needs help. Remember that all of us are responsible for the party we want to have.

... the site and the nature around: Keep it clean and help us to preserve its beauty. Have fun but don't go wild destroying things - 'cause this is not fun at all.

... our security and fences: They are there for a reason and it's not because we like to harass you.

... that in case of storms or other critical weather we might need to shut down certain areas of the venue. Please bare in mind that a car is the only save place during lightning storms. The buildings do not have enough capacity to give shelter to crew and visitors.

... that we do not tolerate drug dealers: Dealers will be thrown out immediately.

... our decorations and the effort we put in them: Neither are they built for you to climb on nor to be taken home by our guests. Nachtdigital decoration is made for Olganitz, not for anybody's living room! We don't want to keep an eye on our stuff 24/7 as we think it is the most self-evident fact in the world that it should stay where we put it.

... that our camping grounds do not need to be turned into yet another dancefloor. Please leave your sound system at home.

... the woods: Prior to Nachtdigital we usually have quite a few hot and dry weeks of summer. So please have an eye on where you put your cigarettes butts and all other incandescent stuff.