Nachtdigital Mint Festival 2019



Welcome Vril: Last year we introduced the concept of the "Featured Artist": An artist who is so versatile that one set wouldn't be enough to showcase the full spectrum of sounds. For our final edition we picked Vril - one of the great Techno masters of our times, and one of the most prolific producers out there. Spurred by the diversity of his recent releases on Giegling, Delsin Records and Dystopian, we asked him to perform three different sets, each on a different stage. We can't wait to hear what he has in store for us - this surely will be one of the highlights of our Grand Finale!

Sound and Info about Vril:






Vril ✔ Featured Artist ✔ Giegling ✔ Delsin Records ✔ Dystopian Records ✔ Anima Mundi Album

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