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Miasto, Masa, Maszyna

Miasto, Masa, Maszyna

Welcome Miasto, Masa, Maszyna: Referencing a seminal essay by Tadeusz Peiper, published in 1922 in „Zwrotnica“, the journal of the so called Cracow Avantgarde, with the alliterating title Miasto, Masa, Maszyna (Metropolis, Mass, Machine), in which the machine is considered to be one of the three chief components of modern life, these three Cracowians allude to early Polish utopianism by joining their hardware forces, preferably for jams that last all night. Unfortunately we can‘t give them such a big slot but we will surely enjoy the energy of their fully improvised live show. Insiders‘ tip! Members: Chino, Aheloy!, Yamaha F.T.

Sound and Info about Miasto, Masa, Maszyna:


Miasto, Masa, Maszyna ✔ Aheloy! + Chino + Yamaha F.T. ✔ Poland

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