Ankali & Friends

Ankali & Friends

Ankali is a club made by friends and for friends. Its opening two years ago provided the framework and space around which a consistent nightlife culture and scene could be organized in Prague, becoming the city’s dance music cornerstone. It gave a roof to the many pre-existent collectives and, with its careful and diverse selection of artists, it expanded the culture of the community. Because, above all, Ankali is about the people. During this time, it has served as a home for like-minded individuals. A shelter for hungry souls, disco freaks, music maniacs, techno heads, avid dancers and all in between: the family that you choose. That family will be taking over our ambient stage during Nachtdigital Mint for the last night and day, bringing a constellation of artists spanning a broad range of musical fields which represent the commitment to variety that characterizes Ankali. They will echoe the vibrant surrounding nature with their melodies, translating feelings into sounds and creating the perfect soundtrack for a hazy summer day in Olganitz.

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Ankali ✔ Club ✔ Prag ✔ Diane Barbé ✔ em ju es aj si ✔ Eva Porating ✔ Exhausted Modern ✔ fabian ✔ Favor & Protection ✔ fleika ✔ Hoff ✔ Møreti ✔ OGJ / Torr ✔ Psj ✔ Raphael Kosmos ✔ Sinnan ✔ St. Jakob

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