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Info about Summer of Doom: by Ankali & the last Nachtdigital ever:

July 20th, 2019

Summer of Doom: by Ankali & the last Nachtdigital ever

What started with a few club shows about 10 years ago evolved into a year-round project with monthly club shows in different cities all over Europe - about 30 of them in the last three years alone. We’ve been to amazing places and met countless wonderful people - what a ride it’s been!

Now our touring circuit comes to a close with a second collaboration with Prague’s Ankali. Our first night there in November was terrific - one of those places where it instantly clicked. We are happy to be back in this vibrant city - with an extended event that spans two locations (daytime open air + club at night) over the course of 18 hours.

Adel Akram, Alfred Czitall, Diane Barbé (live), em ju es aj sii, Eva Porating, Exhausted Modern (live), Fabian, Favor & Protection, fleika, Janosch (live), Møreti, Oliver Torr, Polo, Psj, Sevensol, Sinnan, St. Jakob, Steffen Bennemann