Escape to Olganitz

Ambient Floor


We invited Giegling's Leavar Legov and Undo's Birds & Tapes to curate a get together of old and new friends under the cosy umbrella that is Ambient music. The stage will move to a new spot within the festival area and run for extended hours. Going all the way from Friday evening till Sunday morning the running order features exclusive appearances as well as special Ambient sets by artists who have been booked to play one of the bigger stages. Welcome to a 36 hour dream island to recover and relax.


Bifiboy (live)
Birds & Tapes (live)
Brother Louie
Brenz Hold
Drama Showcase
Elli & Chriso
Good News
Jing (live)
Leafar Legov (live)
Onetake & Steffen Bennemann