Nachti Ambient Tape 3

Vai has been a member of the Nachtdigital crew and composer of the music for the festival’s traditional opening performance for many years. He always stays in the background, rarely releases his music - an EP on the Leipzig label Holger Records from 2015, as well as a contribution to last year's Nachtdigital record,  are his only releases to date. This is his first full-length offering: A glistening trip into the depths of heart, soul, and nature - like warm summer rain on a Sunday night. What better way to say farewell?

Vai - Nachti Ambient Tape #3
Format: 60 min Cassette Tape
Release Date: August 2nd, 2019

Devil's Loop
Waves of Emptiness

ND 20 Performance Variation
Fairfield II
Venus Ascending
ND 18 Performance Variation


Preview snippets: