• 9. Juli 2017 · NACHTI XX COMING SOON

    For our 20th anniversary, we will release our first double vinyl. It will be out on August 4, with tracks by Giegling, KLM, Pandt, Cologne Tape and the Nachtdigital crew. Listen to snippets here and pre-order the record in our webshop. Vinyl only and strictly limited.


  • 25. Juni 2017 · LOCAL CLUB PROJECT

    We are happy to announce the "Local Club Project": With the help of RedBull, we are bringing Leipzig's Conne Island to the festival grounds of Nachtdigital. Be ready for surprises.


  • 3. Mai 2017 · LINEUP ND20

    We just revealed all the names for our 20th anniversary edition of our beloved summer celebration. See the full lineup here.

  • 3. Dezember 2016 · ND20 SOLD OUT

    ND20 is sold out. But check TixforGigs regularly - it is possible that others can't come anymore and therefore resell their tickets.

  • 17. September 2016 · RBMA-RADIO ND19

    Selected sets are now online on RBMA Radio. There you will find the recordings of Jens-Uwe Beyer, BMG, Borusiade, DJ SO and Bryan Kasenic. Listen back to the music of ND19 here.