Goodbye Statement

Let's cut straight to the point: Nachtdigital 2019 will be the last of its kind. After 22 wild and fulfilling years of Nachtdigital we are ready to try something different.

If someone told us in 1998 what might be happening two decades later at our beloved summer celebration we probably would have declared that person insane. Now we are here and we couldn't be happier and more thankful for all the editions of Nachtdigital we celebrated together with you. Nachtdigital achieved everything - far more than what we had ever expected. We started as a one-day-rave with record players on the balcony of the main building at the bungalow village and came all the way to a proper three-day festival held on five different stages including 60 and more artists each year. With joy we remember every single summer in Olganitz. We will keep all those very personal memories in our hearts, forever. Without a doubt, we will miss our dear lady from the bottom of our hearts. It's easy to say you need to stop while the fun lasts but to know exactly when this point is reached no one can tell you and honestly we had a difficult time to get there and to realize when will be the right time to close this long-lasting chapter of our lives. Now we are here, more than two decades full of memories, challenges and happiness - it's about time to mark the end of an era with a big smile on our faces and say “Thank YOU – for being Nachtdigital”.

So, let's bow out on a high note and have an epic last edition of Nachtdigital together. Let's lay all our love on each other and say "Goodbye" to our beloved friend. Because one thing is for sure: Nachtdigital is going out with a BIG BANG!

PS.: You will hear from us. Pinky promise.